Photo Friday – Ponds, Rivers, Lakes or Seas

Today’s Photo Friday is entitled: Ponds, Rivers, Lakes or Seas

and was chosen by  me.

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Me and G love spending lazy afternoons and evenings at the Pony Pasture James River Rapids.  It’s such a relaxing experience; a natural spa.   I took these with a throw away camera; for fear of slipping on a rock and dropping my camera in the water; so the pics don’t have real good quality.  But, the day was absolutely fantastic.  Anyone know a good water proof digital camera?

  1. Cordie,

    What a fabulous spot. It’s a pity the photos are a little grainy because they are wonderful shots – although in some ways the grainy effect is almost Arty!

    Cordie that one on you at the end – so glamorous!You could be a movie star! And G looks so happy and relaxed in the water. Love these pics. I wish I could see the one of G sprawled on the rocks to dry out, more clearly – it looks such a nice pose.

  2. @Author. Ahh . . . thanks. I do wish I would have chanced my digital. I might have the nerve next time. But those rocks are really slippery. G did slip once in the water. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  3. Wow Cordie, I had no idea you lived just down the road from me (I-95).

    We are nearly neighbors!

    These photos are great and this looks like a great spot to relax and enjoy the day. I am going to look it up now for a day trip with the kids!

    Thanks for sharing and this was a great topic! Mine is finally up too!

  4. Looks like a fantastic spot phew! Camera wise try the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW its both waterproof and shock proof or you can look at a waterproof outer case for your current camera (generally only for point & shoots). Mwah!

  5. @Tall T. Yeah, I’m right down the road – Pony Pastures is really nice place to relax and enjoy the day; The kids love it too! Make sure they keep a life jacket on though. It can be tricky at times; as I’m sure you know. PLL, CordieB

    @Insanityfound. I’ll check that cam out. I just brought a new camera; so i really can’t afford a new one yet; but I might be able to invest in the case. Thanks for the love; Mwah back at cha! PLL, CordieB

  6. That water looks so refreshing…it is a very beautiful place!

  7. Cordie,

    I am thinking about taking the kids there this summer yet. I read that there is inter-tubing that starts there, do you know if there is a place to rent the tubes or can I take some of our own intertubes.

  8. @Tall T. You can definitely bring your own tubes; I’ll check out whether there is a place near to rent or buy tubes within the next few days. I’ll email you with the results. If you have your own tubes, that’s the better choice! Will be informing you soon! I do know that they have raft rentals very near. You guys will have lots of fun there. PLL, CordieB.

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