Photo Friday – Old Cars

Sunday Afternoon After Church

Initially, I had not planned to submit for this week’s Photo Friday because time did not permit me to take a picture of an old vehicle.  Additionally, I did not have any photos that I had previously taken.  But the rules were adjusted somewhat this week, whereas we can submit pics that we did not take.  So I thought I’d share a picture taken in the early 60’s of my mother and aunt Anna.  Both have gone on to another realm; bless their souls. 

Sunday afternoons after church in the 60’s were so full of neighborhood and family values: Families and friends gathering together for Soul Food, good conversation–everyone wearing their Sunday best – so full of love and tradition.  Boy do I ever miss those days.  I myself often carry out the Sunday tradition; but unlike the days of old, it’s always me doing all the cooking and most of us did not come from church!  Wow do I miss the days when many of the women gathered in the steamy kitchen talking trash, laughing – whilst the men, admiring their families, talked “business” in the dining room.  Now I know that we’ve progressed so much from the 60’s; but some things, in my opinion, did not promote progress, but a sense of individuality bringing forth separation that saddens me.   No longer do I see the community and family unity – everyone’s for self now.  This, in my opinion, has caused depression, poverty, violence and a malady of social problems.  So today, let’s strive to live that life of the 60’s, and bring family and community together. 

Sunday Afternoons After Church ~By CordieB

Oh how I miss the days of old . . .

When family unity was the goal

Of every bright or weary soul

Oh how I miss the lost tradition

When helping hands was the mission

When we knew all our neighbor’s names

When we’d speak to all who peacefully came

walking down the clean sidewalks

stopping for friendly gossip and small talk

When neighbors would watch over the young

and everyone knew every one

when neighbors could spank that ass

for talking smart or acting fast

and then I’d get another one

after the neighbor told my dad or mom

When children still played hide and seek

When strong families always helped the weak

When unity meant what it should

and not simply another cliche’ buzz word

When fathers could not abandon theirs

without humilitation, points and stares

and of course lots and lots of old folk’s prayers

When the corner store owner lived in the neighborhood

and there was no such thing as “living in the hood”

And people usually acted like they knew they should

The Sunday afternoons after church dismissed

When family and neigbors gathered to reminice

And laugh and cry and love each other

and every one was treated like a sister or brother

I miss it all, but alas life goes on

So at least I’ll carry the tradition on

So if you miss those days, come visit soon

My home on Sunday Afternoons

~Written By CordieB



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Have a soul filled Sunday!

  1. Nostalgia, I felt transported back to that time, you had warmth in those times gone past. You are lucky to have them as your angels, blessed indeed ~ just need to talk to them more *grins*

    The moon says hallo and *hugs*

  2. although i am way guilty of being a product of the “me” generation,, i too wish we had not gotten so far from the basics… it was like by the time i got done being “me”,, there was no “we” to come home to ,, you know…

  3. I love the picture.
    I didn’t grow up in the 60’s, but I do miss all of the family gatherings my family used to have…now it’s just my mom, brother’s and our families…We used to gather at my grandma’s house for birthdays, holidays, or just for the fun of it and now getting the entire family together is so hard. Everyone is too busy and if they are invited they don’t show up or take the time to call and let us know they are not coming. It is so sad, but we just go on making our own memories.

  4. Oh How I love this PHOTO!!!!


    I love old photos like this and I love that we are able to put them on the internet and have them forever!!!

  5. Sorry, I’m late seing this but I’ve been away all week. However, it was worth waiting for – what a lovely nostalgic photo. I love the poem too.
    I sadly have to agree that society has changed – and not all for the better.

  6. This pic is GREAT and I love the effect of the framing. Your poem is awesome, too. You are so talented.

  1. September 5th, 2008

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