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The Sands of Ebony Time ~By CordieB

Photo Courtesy of G and CordieB, Together AKA, G Love.

The Sands of Ebony Time Shows on My Face
The bitter – sweetness of life and love leaves its trace
From whence an infant of purity and innocence
To timeless history and the beauty of woman’s essense

The lines shown around my deep brown eyes
Are lines of much laughter, joys and cries
My hands are wearing down like melten butter
From years of living love; caring for self and others

The expressions on my face reflect so clear
Wisdom and insight gained throughout the years
Living and loving through thick and thin
Embracing God’s grace and mercy of love within

Sharing my love with so many souls
Giving of self as time takes its toll
On body and mind as life’s novel reveals
More mysteries for the heart if life so wills

Reeping the blessing of so many souls
Gracious of the puzzle that made life whole
For me as the time passes so quickly it seems
Like only yesterday, I dreamth my very first dreams

As the sands of time harmonize with the winds of fate
that causes all living beings to disinigrate and dissipate
but love survives, energizes and recreates
And so life cycles and moves to invigorate


The newborne babe who starts life anew
And through his eyes reaches out to me and you
Then suddenly we realize life’s wonders starts again,
and were’re intricately part of a bigger plan . . .
To ensure that love for life continues on
By sharing wisdom, knowlege by passing on
the Hands of Ebony Time’s blessed seed
To all kindred spirits whose souls we feed.
~Written By CordieB.