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Photo Friday! Clouds

Clouds on the Horizon By CordieB

Watching Clouds over the horizon at the end of the day;

Reminds me of watching the many scenes of my life fade away

The clouds are so beautiful, heavenly, and treasured so much

You feel you can reach out and behold; yet they remain out of touch

They fade in and out of the horizon so slow yet so fast

Like the scenes of our life move from present to past;

We never can regain this moment ever again-

The cloud will never formulate the very same pattern again

To bring us a bit of shade or perhaps a late evening rain;

But the beauty is such, we hold it ever so near in our minds

As such we should embrace our present moments in time;

For this moment will never again be ours to behold;

So breath in the present of nowness into your very soul!

Embrace each moment like the clouds in the sky

Embrace rain, shade and shelter, and you’ll seldom ask why.

Embrace the beauty of allness of God’s bountiful Creation

Embrace the allways of nowness with each passing cloud on the horizon.

~By CordieB.

The Storm Clouds Aways Give Way to the Sunshine! Courtesy of CordieB.

The storm was a bad storm; I questioned God as to why. . .

I had to endure this storm for so long; would it ever pass by?

I was scared and confused as the darkend thunder-clouds clasped so loud!

I cried out in fear as the rains down poured; you would not be proud!

But somehow I kept my faith; I knew in the back of my mind . . .

That soon this raging storm would be in the place called behind

me and I would see the beautiful sunshine once more in my sight. . .

I looked up the road and the sun suddenly peeked through the clouds with delight!

I knew that the end of the storm was a blessing

Thanks to my Creator for strength to endure another life lesson!

~By CordieB

Today’s Photo Friday is entitled: Clouds

and was chosen by  Julie of  Just for Fun!

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